Healthy-Living Blogs Maybe Not So Healthy

Healthy-Living Blogs Maybe Not So Healthy

They’re overweight and have no idea how to eat healthy. If they read blogs like mine, maybe they’d learn something.” However, the Big Six themselves dispute pretty much every aspect of Drummond’s story. Boyle says , “Every single quote attributed to me was taken seriously out of context to fit into the story’s slant. I consider it to be libel.” Heather P of Hangry Pants says , “as stated in the article I ran 10 miles and made Black Bean Brownies in the same day. While these statements are atomically correct, I ate 3 full meals as well.” She also notes that her post on “food sabotage” in fact comes out against the practice. Meghann Anderson of Meals and Miles says the bloggers have never even heard the term “Big Six” before. Katie of Sweet Taters makes the good point that a mainstream women’s magazine full of “pictures of photoshopped models” is hardly the best place for a critique like Drummond’s.

HEALTHY LIVING: Geriatric consultation: A specialty to care for the elderly

What makes our decision-making process more challenging is that most guidelines used by physicians are based on research studies or trials that specifically exclude the elderly, so those guidelines usually do not apply. Geriatrics is a specialty which is not organ-specific such as those that focus only on the brain, the heart or the lungs might be. Rather Geriatrics crosses all organ systems. Some of the syndromes that are more commonly encountered in the elderly include dementia, delirium, falls, incontinence, use of many medications at the same time and adverse drug events. A comprehensive geriatric assessment pays special attention to those issues, as well as functional status, goals of care, and quality of life. The Geriatric Consultation Model I work in partnership with each patients primary care physicians, hospitalists, surgeons, and oncologists to provide care for the elderly patient that is individualized and goal-directed. My focus is on maintaining functional status, independence, and quality of life.

Healthy Living Takes Skill!

The story suggests that brain imaging was being used to determine what flavor combinations provoked the strongest uptick in appetite. The notion that portion control will ensue from willpower alone when Ph.D.s in nutritional biochemistry are collaborating with neuroscientists to ensure that nobody can eat just one… is at best wishful thinking, and at worst downright preposterous. Yes, of course, will is required. Yes, of course, we need a heaping helping of personal responsibility. But before we can take responsibility, we must be empowered with the requisite skills. Mountaineers don’t scale Everest just because they want to; they need skills.


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