Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Reveals Specialized Weight Loss Diets That Target Belly Fat For Patients With Heart Problems

During this consultation, the patient and physician will review any underlying health issues that could be causing weight gain or inhibiting the patient from losing belly fat. These issues will be considered when designing the patient’s personalized diet program and when the physician recommends and prescribes fat burning diet pills and supplements. Diet Doc’s exclusive treatments and weight loss diet supplements effectively target excess belly fat, along with fat in other hard to reach areas of the body, which can be unresponsive to normal diet change alone. They also eliminate the negative side effects that often derail weight loss diets before patients can lose weight, like fatigue and cravings. Without these side effects, people with heart problems can easily stick to their diet program and reduce their weight along with their risk of an early death due to excess belly fat buildup. Diet Doc is committed to helping individual patients discover a program that works for them and created their weight loss diets with each of their personal issues in mind.

No science behind blood-type diets

Philippe Vandekerckhove at the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders in Mechelen. “However, the general populace have access to blood type diets, regardless of medical guidance, and cannot be expected to be able to determine whether or not the health claims are, in fact, evidence-based’,” Vandekerckhove told Reuters Health. Blood type is determined by proteins on the surface of red blood cells and antibodies in the blood. The interesting most familiar grouping, known as ABO blood types, refers to whether a person’s cells carry the proteins known as A or B, or both of them, or neither of the two – which is designated blood type O. The idea that blood type influences an individual’s life – and even personality – is popular in parts of Asia. In 2011, for example, a Japanese politician apologized for a rude remark he had made about tsunami victims by blaming his blood type (see Reuters story of July 6, 2011 here: ).


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