Rice Diet Shuts Down Weight-loss Home After 70 Years

Shelley Winters, Lorne Green and Buddy Hackett made their way to Durham, N.C. in their heydays to take part in the program, and it became one of the best-known diet centers in the country. The Rice Diet Program was founded in 1939 by Dr. Walter Kempner, who was associated with Duke University at the time. Before modern drugs, Kempner developed the diet to combat high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. The Rice Diet split from the university in 2002, five years after Kempner died. Kitty Gurkin Rosati brought the diet back into popularity with a series of books including “Rice Diet Solution.” But new diet crazes appear every season, and added to the increasing popularity of weight-loss surgeries, the Rice Diet fell out of favor with modern dieters. Rice Diet owner Dr. Robert Rosati, Kitty’s husband, closed the center’s doors in November, and was unable to close a sale with any of three potential buyers to restart the program.

Weight Maintenance: The True Story

That is a really good question and can actually be answered with data. Weight loss masters understand that to maintain a weight loss takes work. They continue to monitor themselves and stay awake to the food and exercise choices they make so they can maintain their weight. They weigh themselves on a regular basis. They exercise, and many of them keep food records. They also understand that weight maintenance is actually the state of gaining and losing small amounts of weight over and over again.


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